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Mutual aid on lockdown is a podcast that exists simply to address one question:
How do we do mutual aid during a pandemic?




You know? Like, how do we organize during a time when we can’t even see one another in person?

How are people building social power and social movements in these unprecedented circumstances?

The purpose of this podcast is to hear from many different people about how they’re answering that question and what lessons they’re learning along the way.

This podcast is meant to be a resource that doesn't require you to sit in front of a screen- listen to it while taking a walk!

The host of the podcast is Ciro Carrillo.  





This is an amazing directory of Mutual Aid projects happening during the pandemic.  We talk about this resource a lot in EPISODE 1 with CINDY MILSTEIN!

WHAT IS mutual aid in the first place?

Here's a Mutual Aid Explainer Video, made by the host of the podcast, Ciro Carrillo, and the amazing Dean Spade!

Click HERE to see an amazing Mutual Aid Legal Guide written by Michael Haber.  This covers a lot of issues that Mutual Aid groups may face while doing Covid-19 Mutual Aid work.  

Click here to see an amazing illustration of wealth inequality in the USA, and why that matters so much during the COVID-19 era.  

Click here to see what Non-Profits can do to effectively support Mutual Aid organizing.  

Click here to see a Cooperation Long Island's Roadmap for a People's Economy focused on Indigenous Sovereignty, Climate Justice, and Economic Democracy.



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